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"We Make Your Business Strategies Work for You"

Why Choose Us ..

Memastikan sistem manajemen berdampak terhadap kinerja bisnis perusahaan. Di dalam mengembangkan sistem manajemen tersertifikasi, RMC tidak hanya berfokus pada bagaimana meraih sertifikat semata, tetapi bagaimana memastikan sistem manajemen yang dikembangkan dapat berdampak nyata terhadap kinerja bisnis.

To be a Leader in Innovative Management Service.

We are committed to value added consultation and training services that bring the significant contribution to our clients long term success through innovative, continual improvement and applied the management services that enable them to meet their business objectives.

  • Supreme Quality for Customer Satisfaction.
  • Solving Provider.
  • Trustworthy.

Consultancy & Training Approach


This is the First Step for RMC consultants to do as a beginning. It is not only to ease outr consultant but also to assure the commitment of customer management toward the application of the system.


Sometimes by listening to the imformation given, then it is not quite enough.


We are very proud to submit the result of a certain progress based on analysis.This is also explaining that some suggestion or ideas given by RMC must be determined based on the analysis from many points of view, started from the added value for either present or future time, or any changes which strengthens the corporate culture.


Our innovation has been inspired by creativity and experiences, triggering us to advise and suggest the most suitable system for each company.


We are focusing on the whole energy and resources in making a new innovative system to solve unusual problems from thousands of individual businesses.

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