Ratama Assessment & Audit (RAA)
Implementation the Integrated Management System | Organization Assessment | Employee Assessment
Ratama Human Capital (RHC)
Recruitment | Assessment Employee | KPI Personnel | Job Discription | Work Load Analysis | People Development
Ratama Productivity Improvement (RPI)
FMEA AIAG VDA | Control Plan | Core Tools | 7 QC Tools | Quality Control Circle | Total Productive Maintenance | HR System | 5S + 3T | Cost of Poor Quality | Genba Kaizen
Ratama ISO Series & Others Management Systems (RIS)
Quality Management System ISO 9001 | Environment Management System ISO 14001 | Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001 | Automotive Quality Management System IATF 16949 | Risk Management System ISO 31000 | Anti-Bribery Management System ISO 37001 | Integrated Management System | Calibration Management System | Sistem Manajemen | Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (SMK3) | Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan Pertambangan (SMKP)
Ratama Management Strategy (RMS)
Business Process Management | Organization Performance | Organization Assessment | Management Strategy | Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
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Almost 20 years of experience, since the establishment of PT Ratama Mitra Kualitas in 2004. PT Ratama Mitra Kualitas, better known as RMC (ratama Management Consultant), has become one of the leading and well-known management consulting, training, and assessment in Indonesia.

With great passion and energy, our team has succeeded in producing innovations in consulting, management training that can have a direct impact on our customers. With competence, innovation, and experience, we have expanded our portfolio of consulting, training, and assessment services into the categories RIS (ratama ISO series), RMS (ratama management strategy), RPI (ratama productivity improvement), RHC (ratama human capital), RAA (ratama audit & assessment), and RER (ratama education & research) to meet the needs of our customers in ensuring the achievement of company performance.

Be the first then first is our focus which is always trying to provide our products that are up to date and something that is really needed in the industrial world.

In line with that, we have implemented an international management system related to quality and fraud, which brought PT Ratama Mitra Quality succeed in gaining the trust of both national and international customers. We have worked on more than 395 jobs and issued more than 9,400 training certificates.

Thank you for your trust in PT Ratama Mitra Kualitas and through this website, we hope you will know more better about us and our services.
RMC’s commitment is to guarantee two important things about consulting, training, and assessment services, namely The Best Quality Results and Knowledge Transfers.

We continuously raise the standard of our consulting competence and our competitiveness, with the best people in education, business, the application of the latest technology, and research methods to bring our customers exactly what they want and exactly when they want it.

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